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Machine Shop

Completion Equipment

Pup Joints

We manufacture a complete wide range of casing –Tubing Pup joints, which vary from sizes 2-3/8” to 13-3/8”, usually in standard length of 5’,10’, 15’, 20’ with various material grades in accordance to API 5CT Specifications. Premium ends are also threaded.

Perforated Pup Joints

Perforated Pup Joints are available with standard or special perforation spacing’s holes in the body, usually in standard length of 5’,10’, 15’, 20’.

Circulating Heads

Circulating Sub is an accessory, usually attached to the top of the drill pipe or tubing to form a connection with the mud system. Circulating Head usually comes with : Crossover OCTG Pin X drill pipe box, Crossover OCTG Pin X Weco Box.


Tubing and casing nipples are available in standard lengths with beveled, grooved, or plain ends or threaded to API specifications for tubing and casing threads

Bull Plug

A threaded nipple with a rounded, closed end used to stop up a hole or close off the end of a line.

Wire Line Entry Guide

Threaded on the top end and beveled on the bottom end, they are attached to the bottom of the production string. They are made of one piece construction and available in any grade.

Flow Coupling

They are heavy wall tubes which are run as an integral part of the tubing string. They are available in all API and Premium threads, proprietary steel grades, including stainless steels and high alloys.

Blast Joints

Blast Joints are heavy wall pin by box connectors used in tubing strings. are located opposite the location of perforations in the production casing or just below the tubing hanger in sand frac designs. Both API and Premium threads are available.

Crossover Sub (Casing & Tubing)

We can manufacture for both API and Premium threads, for the purpose of joining or changing from one size, weight, or type of thread connection to the same or another size, weight, or type of thread connection, as per the customers’ requirements.


Drill Pipe Pup Joint

All connections are machined according to API specifications .They are integral-type made of AISI 4140/4145 modified alloy steel bar.

Crossover Sub

They come with differing thread types or sizes and are available with Box x Pin, Box x Box, Pin x Pin combinations. They are manufactured from 4145M or 4140HT alloy steel.

Bit Sub

A Bit sub is usually with two box connections, that is used to connect the drill string to the Bit, which is often bored with a Float bore.

Kelly Saver Sub

Kelly saver sub is an accessory used to extend the life of the Kelly by taking the connection wear. Kelly saver subs are usually manufactured from 4145M and 4140 HT material grades.

Lift Sub

A Lift sub is a short drill stem component, which is temporarily connected to lift the drill tools. There’re two types for drill tool lifting sub in structure: one with 18 degree shoulder and another with 90 degree shoulder. All lifting subs are complied with API standards.

Side Entry Sub

They are manufactured from AISI 4140/4145 and are typically rotary shouldered pin by box with 2” 1502 female hammer union, but can be manufactured with any size and style connection.


Junk Mills

Junk Mills are available with dressed Tungsten Carbide, which is suitable for general junk milling, packer removing etc.

Taper Mills

Taper mills are available to utilize the smaller diameter, lower-mill end to enter a collapsed section of casing



They are available to furnish in any size and length drift, whether it is requested as metal or plastic by the Client.

Lift Plugs

Lift plugs are fabricated to be used to provide an economical method of handling of wash-over strings. They are available in all thread types, with or without lifting bails.

Test Plugs

They are used as a threaded connection pressure test fixture, which come as either pin or box with the soft seals testing up to the standard recommended pressures.


Drill Pipes

We do connection repairs of the various drilling connections including API 7-1, VAM, Grant Prideco, TSH DSTJ for the sizes ranging from 2-3/8” to 6-5/8 “ Drill pipes.

Casing & Turbing

We do connection repairs of the various OCTG connections including API 5CT, VAM, TSH 3SB, for the sizes ranging from 2-7/8” to 13-3/8” OCTG connections.

Downhole Accessories

We do connection repairs of various drilling and Tubing-casing accessories threads including API 7-1, API 5CT, VAM, Grant Prideco, TSH 3SB, TSH DSTJ connections.